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Master table for all reported versions of contacts

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Indhold (Kolonner/variable) ?

Navn Indhold
ID Internal primary key
DATA_SOURCE The source of the contact. This flag defines, from where the contact was reported: L=LPR contact I=DUSAS International S=DUSAS Specialist
PATIENT_ID Patient identication reference
PATIENT_TYPE_ID Defines patient type relevant when Datasource=L or I
PATIENT_TYPE Contains the patient type code value
HOSPITAL_ID Defines the hospital responsible for the contact
HOSPITAL_CODE Contains the hospital code value
WARD_ID Defines the ward responsible for the contact
WARD_CODE Contains the ward code value
REGION_CODE The region which is the owner of the hospital. Null for private hospitals.
COUNTY_ID The county (DK: Kommune)
COUNTY_CODE Contains the county code value
PRACTITIONER_NO The practitionar number (DK:Yder nummer) Identifies the specialist or clinic, who treated the patient. This is not an ID, as the "yder"-tabel is not part of LPR system
PRACTITIONER_SPECIALITY_ID The speciality code (DK: Speciale)
CONTACT_NO A sequence number, manually assigned to DUSAS Internatinal contacts.
ADMISSION_DATETIME Date and time of admission.
ADMISSION_TIME_MISSING Flag indicating if the time part of ADMISSION_DATETIME is relevant or not. If the field has the value "Y" the flag is said to be set, only the date part of ADMISSION_DATETIME is to be used.
REFERRAL_DATE The date the patient were referred (DK: Henvist)