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Beskrivelse ?

This is the master record for contacts in the history part of the database

Størrelse (Antal rækker) ?


Indhold (Kolonner/variable) ?

Navn Indhold
ID Internal primary key
CONTACT_IDENTIFICATION_ID Reference to the common identification for all versions of a contact
ADMISSION_TYPE_ID This attribute stores about the urgency of the patient. Refers to small classification "indlæggelsesmåde"
ADMISSION_TYPE_CODE The admission code value
TREATMENT_DURATION Treatment duration in days
FREE_CHOICE_ID Signal if the patient has chosen another hospital than his local
FREE_CHOICE_CODE The free choise code value
PRE_EXAMINATION_DATE Pre-examination date (DK: Forundersøgelse)
FINAL_TREATMENT_DATE Final-treatment date (DK: Endelig behandling)
DISCHARGE_TYPE_ID Discarge type (DK: Afslutningsmåde)
DISCHARGE_TYPE_CODE The discarge type code value
REFERRAL_TYPE_ID Type of referral
REFERRAL_TYPE_CODE The referral type code value
REFERRAL_UNIT_ID Used if a hospital unit produced the referral
REFERRAL_UNIT_CODE The unit-code value for the unit that produced the referral
REFERRAL_REGION_CODE The region-code value for the region that produced the referral
REFERRAL_DATE The date the patient were referred (DK: Henvist)
DISCHARGE_DATE The date the patient were discharged
DISCHARGED_TO_UNIT_ID Used if the patient is discharged to another hospital unit
DISCHARGED_TO_UNIT_CODE The unit-code value if the patient is discharged to another hospital unit
COUNTY_ID The county (DK: Kommune)
COUNTY_CODE The county code value
DISTRICT A free text district "code" field (not a classification field)
REASON_FOR_CONTACT_ID Reason for LPR contact
REASON_FOR_CONTACT_CODE Reason for LPR contact code
RAW_DATA_ID If contact is created from an uploaded raw data file, this field refers to the raw file
RAW_DATA_RECORD_NO The position of the contact in the raw file
REPORTED_BY_DATA_PRODUCER_ID If this contact is a LPR contact uploaded via ftp, the data producer is identified here
REPORTED_BY_USER_ID If this contact was reported by a "real" user, the user is identified here
REPORTED_BY_WSUSER_ID If this contact was reported via a web service, the web service user is identified here
RECEIVE_TIMESTAMP Date/time received by the LPR system
VALIDATION_TIMESTAMP Date/time for complete validation
VALIDATION_STATUS Validation status from the final validation
ERROR_FLAG Flag indicating if any validation errors exist, related to this record. = 'Y' means that at least one error is detected. ='N' means that this record has no errors attached
DELETE_FLAG Flag indicating if this record was a delete message. = 'Y' means that record was a delete message
NEEDS_TRANSFER_TO_SST Flag indicating that this record has been changed, and should be copied to the data warehouse at SST next time, the replication runs