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Beskrivelse ?

This table stores primary SKS codes, i.e. codes, that are not additional codes.

Størrelse (Antal rækker) ?


Indhold (Kolonner/variable) ?

Navn Indhold
ID Internal primary key
HIST_CONTACT_ID Refers to the contact that this data belongs to
SKS_CODE_TYPE_ID Type of code, e.g. most important diagnose is called "V"
SKS_CODE_TYPE Value of the SKS code type
CODE_ID Refers to the SKS classification
CODE SKS code value
OPERATING_UNIT_ID Refers to the ward performing the operation (only when art= V orP)
OPERATING_UNIT_CODE Unit code for the ward performing the operation (only when art= V orP)
PROC_DATETIME Date and time (hour and minute) of performed operation (only when art= V or P)
ERROR_FLAG Flag indicating if any validation errors exist, related to this record. = 'Y' means that at least one error is detected. ='N' means that this record has no errors attached
SORT_ORDER Contains the sort order to use, when primary SKS codes are displayed